Posted in February 2012

Video Marketing Ideas

Many of my clients ask me to help them understand how video can benefit their businesses.  Most understand that video is more captivating, dynamic and convincing than plain text, but they are not always sure how to utilize this medium in an effective way.  Let’s look at some of the ways video can be incorporated … Continue reading

Social Media and Branding in Healthcare

I have heard it said that social media and branding in healthcare is not important.  Doctors, dentists and practitioners from all realms of this industry think that demand is going to hold steady versus their competition.  “I don’t need to market myself.  I already have enough clients on my calendar.  There is no ROI.  I … Continue reading

Welcome to Maverick Social Media & Consulting

Hello everyone!  After months of work and preparation, we are finally up and running! This blog is going to be used by our videographers, editors, directors and myself to keep you updated on the world of social media and business video marketing.   Looking forward to sharing our thoughts and experience with you!   Sherrina Peters … Continue reading