7 Content Producing Ideas for Social Media

Only now are we beginning to understand the power of content on potential and existing clients.  Content is so important that if we succeed in creating powerful engagement, we are sure to reap the rewards of being a thought leader in our fields.  Being a trusted source of information to our communities means that we will have avid supporters who will most likely pass our knowledge and information onto their networks.  Networks that are averaging 130 people per user.

So, the question is, where do I find useful ideas from which to generate this all-important content?  Here are 7 ideas that might help get you started:

1. Look at other blogs, whitepapers and infographics for information that might trigger an idea.  There are thousands of feeds from which to choose.  You can search for specific topics in any blog or through a Google name search.

2.  Do a company case study.  You could either give credit where they are doing right, or you could critique what they are doing wrong and your solution to the main issues.

3.  Interview someone.  This could be an expert in your field, an existing client, or potential client.   It is also a great way to meet new people, their daily challenges, and grow your network and accountability.

4.  Ask your readers what they want to know.  They may have lots of questions that you have not thought to ask being so close to the action.  You are also providing additional customer service by answering their questions and concerns.

5.  Do a product or service review.  Tell your audience your likes and dislikes.  Let them see how you think and look at the world.  It makes you more human and real.

6.  Have a guest write your blog.  People love being in the spotlight, and what better way to accomplish this but by letting them write your blog?  You might even learn a thing or two while you take the burden off of yourself.

7.  Share your successes and failures.  Tell your viewers what you have done right, and don’t be afraid to tell them what you have done wrong.  By showing the steps you have taken to recover from failure, you show them that you take responsibility and action in restoring trust with your client base.

Our next blog will suggest forms that this content can take.  Stay tuned for more………….

Check out our website for information about Maverick Social Media & Consulting at http://www.mavsocialmedia.com.


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