7 Tactics for Nonprofit Social Media Engagement

Nonprofit organizations are inherently social.  Many highly engage their audience through their unique mission.  Whether it be helping others, providing useful information to communities, or creating awareness of your role in the society, social media is the next logical step to taking your organization to the next level.  We wanted to give you some ideas on steps you can make to begin your journey.  Enjoy!

1.  Use video or an interactive presentation to present your platform

As we have said in previous posts, video and visual input is compelling, dynamic and powerful.  Let your audience watch you in action!  YouTube (YouTube Non for Profit) and Vimeo are great for video uploading and storage, while Sliderocket and Slideshare can help you with your online presentations.

2.  Create a Facebook Cause to develop and promote a fundraising campaign

Through the use of your Fanpage and following on Facebook, you are able to reach an unlimited amount of potential investors in your mission.  Let your influencers and followers help promote you!

3.  Petition your audience

There are multiple social media tools that can help your non-for-profit business create online petitions.  Some of them include:  Act.ly, Change.org and WordPress Petitions.

4.  Make sure you have a LinkedIn company page

This is a great way to connect and network with your donors, volunteers, other nonprofit organizations, and business professionals.   There are many groups that may share your interests and vision.  They can provide a lot of insight and current news that help your company grow and network.

5.  Try out Google+ circles and hangouts

This tool allows your business to group specific people on your network (circles), as well as connect in a more personal way (hangouts).  It is more manageable than LinkedIn in these terms.

6.  Upload photos

Flickr, Shutterfly and Snapfish can be used to show your supporters where their money and efforts are going.  Taking time to upload pictures of events and fundraisers, tagging faces and places, or just showing what you do daily is a great way to be transparent.

7.  Create an online poll or survey

Facebook, Zoomerang and SurveyMonkey are all sites that can help you build an online poll/survey.

People want to share their particular viewpoints and interests.  By allowing them to share their opinions, you can monitor overall satisfaction, gauge interest in events and fundraisers, understand donors’ reasons for contributing and determine areas/issues of interest to constituents.

We always suggest trying one new platform and understanding it before jumping into another.  There is no rush in social media and engagement.  It is a question of time, consistency and content.  What are you waiting for?

If you would like any information concerning these platforms or consultation in social media, Maverick is always here to help.  You can find us at Maverick Social Media & Consulting


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