Lead Generation with Social Media

There are several important steps to lead generation through social media.   First, we have to understand the typical sales and revenue cycle for our particular business.  Let’s say the typical revenue cycle is:

Awareness – People become aware of your brand and products/services

Names – Just that, nothing more.

Engaged – Showing interaction and interest

Prospect – Potential qualified buyers

Lead – Showing buying signs or significant engagement

Sales Lead – Usually led by an account executive (accounts for approximately 7% of total funnel)

Opportunity – Actively worked by sales


In this blog, Maverick would like to help you understand how to get those “names” down to the “Lead” and “Sales Lead” in your funnel.  Some important considerations your company needs to identify are:

1.  Who Are Your Target Customers?

Do you have a profile for the type of customer you have?  What kind of client would you like to have?  The more your company can define this niche, the better you can build your social strategy to reach them.  If they are in different groups that have different characteristics, then you can target each one separately in your blogs, posts and comments.  Oftentimes a company does not take the time to define their current or potential customer.  Obviously, if you do not know who you are speaking to the conversation will lack the intimacy and engagement that you will need to bring that person closer to the final sale.

2.  Where Are These Prospects Hanging Out?

Are your prospects B2B clients?  You may want to check out LinkedIn Groups.  Are your prospects on Twitter talking about their businesses?  Have you begun to “Like” prospective clients pages on Facebook so that you can begin to see what makes them “tick”?  Once you identify who your target customers and clients are, you have to find out where they are spending most of their time.

3.  What Are They Talking About?

Once you are actively finding their forums and platforms, it is important to watch, listen and learn.  Watch what times they are online and when they post, if at all.  Listen to what they have to say, as it will give you a good idea of what they are interested in.  And finally, learn as much as you can about their industry, style and talking points.

4.  Where Are They At In The Sales Process?

Are they trying to educate themselves?  If so, create a blog or white paper to help them learn.  By getting engaged in the beginning of their research, you can establish credibility and expertise.  However, they may be dissatisfied with their current service or product.  Again, this is a great time to engage and create a need.  Utilize  your “know-how” and experience to lead the way.  Just remember to be human and, as you might have guessed, social.

Seller Beware!  In today’s marketplace, where the customer is the marketer, trying to be too self-promoting will get you NOWHERE!  The best bet is to provide information and solutions.  If your company provides relevant content that helps others understand a product or service, when they are ready to buy they will think of you.  The key is patience and commitment.  Research shows that 55% of social media leads have closed in a deal (Source: B2C).

Maverick Social Media & Consulting provides social media strategies to help business generate leads, increase customer service and become successful in your business goals.  You can check us out at Maverick.


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