15 Local Search Directory Listings You Should Know!

Before you go on your local listing march, first type your company name into Google and see if your business appears.  It is important to be found when someone hears your name mentioned by a friend.  This is the easiest type of sale to make, but not going to happen if a potential customer looks for you and can’t find you!  Now that you are paying attention, we suggest that you start with a few of these local directories first.  Don’t try getting on to each and every one of them, or you will find keeping up with them a nightmare.  Start slow, find out which ones are producing the best results, and move on from there.
  1.  Google Local Directory:  http://local.google.com/
  2. Yelp:  http://biz.yelp.com/
  3. CitySlick : https://www.cityslick.net/user.php
  4. Bizhwy: http://www.bizhwy.com
  5. Local.com : http://exactmatch.local.com/advertise-with-us
  6. Superpages : http://www.superpages.com/
  7. Yellow Pages:  https://listing.yellowpages.com/Registration/Login.aspx
  8. Bing : http://www.bing.com/businessportal/
  9. CitySearch :  http://citysearch.com
  10. Merchant Circle:  http://www.merchantcircle.com/
  11. Kudzu : https://register.kudzu.com/packageSelect.do
  12. Mojo Pages:  http://www.mojopages.com/
  13. LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/
  14. Think Local :  http://www.thinklocal.com/Business-Signup.aspx
  15. Manta :  http://www.manta.com/claim

As many businesses get the majority of their business locally, these sites are imperative to capturing this market.  For more information on local directories, please visit our most recent blog here.


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