6 Outstanding Physical Therapy Blogs

When we hurt yourself either at work, home or during a sporting event, the first thing we do it try to find information on the web.  We look up key words like “neck pain”, “back pain”, “shin splints”, or even “stretching”.  We want answers.  When we type in the issues on our Google bar, we find many articles and blogs that address our issues.  Here are 6 physical therapy blogs that are packed full of useful and interesting information:

Physical Therapy Blog on About.com

A rounded blog that addresses physical therapy issues both from  caregiver and patient standpoints.

Greater Therapy Centers:  

Covering many different aspects of a person’s physical well-being, this blog is very educational and targets patient understanding.

Recovery Physical Therapy:  

Although a bit heavy on professional sports player injuries, explanations of these injuries and therapy options are exceptional.   The writing is easy to understand and the blog categories are easy to identify and browse.

In Touch Physical Therapy: 

Written primarily for therapists, this blog’s visual media really helps it stand out.  The author uses case studies, graphics and pictures to help explain issues and conclusions.

Total Performance Physical Therapy:  

We really liked this blog because it talks directly to the patient issues many face.  The team uses pictures and diagrams to show the reader what they are talking about and is easy to understand for non-professionals.

Everyday Health – Daniel Baumstark

A fresh blog that is fun to read. The reader can learn both about pre and post-operative issues and guidelines.

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