Building Authority Through Content: 15 Ideas

Before you can build authority through your brand, you have to know what you and your company stand for.  It is hard to build a reputation when your confused about your platform.  What sets you apart from your competitors?  What specific skills or product lines do you possess? What are your core beliefs?  What do your customers expect from you?  In order to reach your targeted customers, these are all questions that have to be answered before you start building credibility and authority in the blogging space.

Once you have a clear direction and objective for your brand, it is time to demonstrate your competence, credibility and trustworthiness.  In this blog we will identify some strategies that you may want to use to create content and authority for your brand:

1.  Be different.  Remember the question about what sets you apart above?  Let your existing and potential clients know what makes your company stand out.

2.  Have an opinion.  Although many companies shy away from taking too hard a stand, we feel that this is a strong strategy.  It may very well be your unique stance that gives customers a refreshing and new look at an old problem or issue.

3.  Show results.  How have you solved a client’s problem?  Did you save them money, provide exceptional service, or overcome an initial obstacle?  Let people see the challenges and solutions of your daily business and how you handle them.

4.  Testimonials.  Do you have happy clients?  Get them to write a testimonial or, better yet, get their testimonial on video to use on your website or blog.

5.  Interview experts.  Whether your experts are in-house or external partners, let their experience and knowledge work for your business.

6.  Be helpful.  Ask your clients what they might be missing or for questions they may have.  Not only will this allow you to show your expertise, but it will show your clients that you care and are willing to understand their needs.

7.  Give away free content.  People want information now.  If you give them the content they need, you will more likely be remembered the next time an issue arises.  In addition, the customers who are viewing your content may share it with others.  Influence grows.

8.  Don’t oversell.  The rule is 80/20.  80% information and education, 20% promotion.  If you oversell, your potential clients will find no additional value in your content generation and skip over your channels all together.

9.  Be consistent.  The biggest problem with marketing is the most companies want to bite off more than they can chew.  Start slow, but always produce content consistently.  Once a month at first? Great!  Just make sure you do it once a month.

10. Be honest.  Every company makes mistakes or falls short.  If you have to, own up to it and move on.  Standing up to a problem is much more effective than avoiding or ignoring it.

11.  Promote others.  If you like what your competitor has to say, share it.  Did you like a presentation you have recently seen?  Have that person guest write on your blog.  In today’s world, there is nothing wrong with appreciating good content, no matter who produces it.

12.  Provide comments.  Get involved in online discussions.  The more you comment and engage with others, the more they are going to engage with you.

13.  Avoid spelling errors.  Nothing loses credibility like a misspelt copy.  Make sure that you always have someone proofread your content before hitting send.

14.  Know your mission.  What do you want to achieve and why?  If you are not clear on your message, neither will the people reading it.

15.  Don’t be afraid of change.  If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change direction.  We have to move with the current and not against it.

Maverick Social Media & Consulting works with clients to help them create, share and build their marketing strategies and video strategies.  If you would like more information about what we do, visit our site here.

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