5 Ideas for Reusing Older Video Content for Online Video

Online Video Marketing

According to comScore,  181 million people watched more than 39 billion online content videos during September 2012 in the US alone,  85% of viewers are more likely to purchase goods and services after watching a video (HubSpot), and over the last two years, the U.S. mobile video audience increased 77% to 36 million viewers (Business Insider).  Today, there is little doubt about the validity and power of video.  The question is, if you have not yet embraced this tool, where should your company begin?  Why not start with any existing footage or multimedia you may already have?

Many companies don’t realize how much content they already have.  These can be training videos, marketing or product videos and demonstrations, or promotional pieces that have been created in the past.  Existing material can give insight into the company philosophy of customer service, product policy and depth, and culture.  The output could be in the form of CD’s, DVD’s, Powerpoint presentations, VHS (remember those?), or even reel-to-reel.  Think of those sales kick-off meetings, keynote speaking engagements given by executives at conferences or recognition events, panel discussions, audio clip, and product briefings.

Once you have collected these various elements of content, it is just as important to classify and assign categories for each of these pieces.  It is also critical to build categories:  subject, presenter, organization (marketing, sales, executive) and even file format type.  Once you have identified each, you can begin to reuse or repurpose this information.  Here are some ideas of how to do just that….

1.  Break up a longer presentation into usable bits

Do you have a long PowerPoint presentation with multiple topics?  Make each topic into its own video.  It becomes easier to digest and makes it less likely that the viewer becomes distracted because of the length.  In addition, it may make sense to shoot the speaker on a green screen and include the PowerPoint in this video.  Another option might be to do a “voiceover” or make a few changes to the presentation to reflect current trends or services.

2.  Create training videos for product

Instead of doing multiple training sessions for your new and old products, why not consider incorporating old video footage into a product training segment.  Here you could use your first version/product style versus your newer ones.  As technology changes all of the time, older footage can also help your organization see how very far you have come over the years.

3.  Use client testimonials to your advantage

If you have had success in your business, ANY client testimonial or input is pertinent.  Showing potential or existing clients your customer service experience or support can build a great business case for someone to try your company over others.  We tend to be more willing to try a product or service if we see that others are happy with them.

4.  Humanitarian or Non-Profit work

If your company works with outside organizations and gives back to the community, you may find older clips of this type of service.  You could produce a video that highlights your humanitarian work over time and years.  Older footage will only enhance this point with your clients.

5.  Webinar to video

If your company does webinars, you could pull out the best tips and tactics to create videos to add visual and audio to blog posts by way of an introduction or explanation.

Some of your older video may not be usable because of format or quality problems, but taking time to archive and review the possibilities is well worth the time and effort.  You may find some fantastic sound bits or visual footage that you did not know existed and that you can use to enhance your social media and marketing tactics.  Let’s not forget that most of your older footage has not been organized for many years, which will give you a reason to do some Spring cleaning of your own.  Make a New Year’s resolution to save money and resources by utilizing your existing video material today!

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Photo source: buzzom.com

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