20 Video Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Business

Video Ideas

Company overviews on your website are a great way to help potential customers learn more about your company, products and services, but in today’s content driven world it is not enough.  In order to engage your viewers and followers, you have to be creative and different.  Here are a few ideas to push your video marketing to the next level!

1.  Demonstrate a product.

2.  Pose a puzzle or question. Answer the question in a later video. This gets a lot of people involved and also gives you the chance to provide content later.

3.  Answer frequently asked questions.  You could answer a question per video or answer several in one.

4.  Create a how-to video series.  As people love to learn about something they are passionate about, you will keep them coming back for more.  This also creates thought leadership.

5.  Show your daily business behind the scenes.  Many customers have no idea how much work goes into producing their product or service.

6.  Do a public poll and film it.  Take your camera out into the streets of your city and get some real-time answers to your own questions.

7.  Issue a challenge and ask people to submit videos.  Best vacation, funniest person you know, nicest car, etc.  Whoever can show video proof wins a prize.

8.  Create a video of a motivational or inspirational speech.  What are you passionate about?  How do you motivate your employees?

9.  Do a volunteer or staff spotlight video or series.  Let others see your business from the perspective of those that make it happen.

10.  If you are a Non-Profit organization, make an education video of your cause.  Tell people what you do and why.

11.  Create a slide show video. Use PowerPoint or another similar software program to create a video.  Narrate the video or just add some fun music under the show.

12.  Get your existing or old clients to give a testimonial of your product or service if you have not already.  People are more likely to trust third-party sources.

13.  Demonstrate a software program by using a screenshot software like SnagIt.  It is a quick way to educate your fans.

14.  Have a random thought or idea?  Catch it on video and post with minimal editing.

15.  Video a company event.  Whether a conference, trade show or company recognition party, let others see what you are about.

16.  Create an animated video.  There are many tutorials available out there to help your company create a fun piece of animation.

17.  Giving away some prize or service for free is a great way to help your business.  Create a video of your giveaway, have people respond with comments on the video and randomly pick a winner.

18.  Guide someone through an experience or action.  Yoga poses or creative writing, for example, are easily guided with a video.

19.  Have you received complaints or feedback from your clients?  Use a video to address common issues or problems.  This is a great PR tool as well.

20.  Take an uncommon or controversial position on a current event or topic.

There are many other creative ways to use video in your marketing and communications efforts.  Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.  The most viral videos are often the ones that don’t follow conventional thought or traditional lines.  Always be aware of how your followers are engaging with your content and make changes accordingly.  Have fun!!

Photo Source: Activerain.com


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