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Building Authority Through Content: 15 Ideas

Before you can build authority through your brand, you have to know what you and your company stand for.  It is hard to build a reputation when your confused about your platform.  What sets you apart from your competitors?  What specific skills or product lines do you possess? What are your core beliefs?  What do … Continue reading

10 Blogging Platforms For Your Business

Blogging is one of the hubs of social media communication.  It is the anchor that holds all of your written, and in some cases multi-media, content.  Blogs are online “journals” that are updated regularly and intended for public consumption.  There are personal and business blogs, depending on the content and audience of your posts.  A … Continue reading

6 Outstanding Physical Therapy Blogs

6 Outstanding Physical Therapy Blogs

When we hurt yourself either at work, home or during a sporting event, the first thing we do it try to find information on the web.  We look up key words like “neck pain”, “back pain”, “shin splints”, or even “stretching”.  We want answers.  When we type in the issues on our Google bar, we … Continue reading

Lead Generation with Social Media

There are several important steps to lead generation through social media.   First, we have to understand the typical sales and revenue cycle for our particular business.  Let’s say the typical revenue cycle is: Awareness – People become aware of your brand and products/services Names – Just that, nothing more. Engaged – Showing interaction and … Continue reading

7 Tactics for Nonprofit Social Media Engagement

Nonprofit organizations are inherently social.  Many highly engage their audience through their unique mission.  Whether it be helping others, providing useful information to communities, or creating awareness of your role in the society, social media is the next logical step to taking your organization to the next level.  We wanted to give you some ideas … Continue reading

Social Media – Where Do I Start?

It is refreshing to see how many small business owners are starting to embrace social media.  However, many feel that they don’t have the know-how, skills, or time to start a social media program.  We suggest starting small. Get comfortable with one platform before heading onto another.  Get comfortable with your new tools and inbound … Continue reading

7 Content Producing Ideas for Social Media

Only now are we beginning to understand the power of content on potential and existing clients.  Content is so important that if we succeed in creating powerful engagement, we are sure to reap the rewards of being a thought leader in our fields.  Being a trusted source of information to our communities means that we … Continue reading