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6 Outstanding Physical Therapy Blogs

6 Outstanding Physical Therapy Blogs

When we hurt yourself either at work, home or during a sporting event, the first thing we do it try to find information on the web.  We look up key words like “neck pain”, “back pain”, “shin splints”, or even “stretching”.  We want answers.  When we type in the issues on our Google bar, we … Continue reading

8 Dental Blogs That Hit the Mark!

You have a tooth ache, thinking of trying those new veneers or need a root canal?  Today, we can do so much investigating and information gathering before we ever step foot into the dentist’s office.  We can Google local dentists, watch videos on YouTube or read up on all of the procedures directly online.  That … Continue reading

10 Chiropractic Blogs to Check Out!

When a potential or existing client is doing their research, having all of the information at their fingertips is much easier than “googling” or researching several sites.  A blog gives people all the information they need in one place, creates trust, and builds interest all at the same time.  Once a company provides valuable content, … Continue reading

Social Media and Branding in Healthcare

I have heard it said that social media and branding in healthcare is not important.  Doctors, dentists and practitioners from all realms of this industry think that demand is going to hold steady versus their competition.  “I don’t need to market myself.  I already have enough clients on my calendar.  There is no ROI.  I … Continue reading